About Us

DSTV Johannesburg

Accreditted DSTV Specialists On Call

DSTV Johannesburg was formed from the need to provide customers with relaible, trained and accreditted DSTV technicians who provide fast and cost-saving DSTV services that every resident in Johannesburg and surrounding areas can afford.

We are focused on providing quick response time and long lasting DSTV services for our clients while they wait, with a primary aim of providing same day DSTV services.

Our Services

Our mission is based on providing our customers with the services they need when they need without any delays and costly prices.

Our primary services are rooted in:

  • DSTV Installations:- When you are planning on installing DSTV for the first time in your home it can be an exciting time for your family because of the wide selection of entertaining channels. We provide same day installations at no extra cost.
  • DSTV Upgrades:- Looking to upgrade your DSTV from single view to the new explora or multiview? No matter what upgrades your require, you can always count on us for cost-saving DSTV upgrades that will save you time and money.
  • DSTV Repairs:- We know how frustrating it can be to have your DSTV malfunction or just not working without any clue to what could be causing the problem. We provide a quick DSTV inspection to find the source of the problem at a low fee which includes a detailed report to help you fix the problem without wasting your money.

We offer more DSTV services that can be tailored to your needs which are aligned to our mission and vision of providing you with quick, low rates and reliable services you can always rely on:

  • Communal DSTV Installations
  • DSTV Relocation
  • DSTV Satellite Dish Positioning
  • 24/7 DSTV Emergency Repairs

DSTV Johannesburg  has become one of Johannesburg leading DSTV installers by providing quality services and great service delivery to our customers no matter what they require. Call us today for a free costing on your DSTV needs.